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Don't fall into the trap of "I know 'x' things"

We don't need to know many things. Choose specific areas of expertise, and be excellent at them.

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·Aug 4, 2022·

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Don't fall into the trap of "I know 'x' things"

In your life-long journey as a developer/programmer, you will encounter many people who says "I know this, that, and those, too".

The harsh truth is we don't need to know those many things. Just ask yourself "What can I do with those tools that I said to be good at?".

What are your resulted products that you are proud of? No product? It is time to reconsider your skills.

In my humble opinion, we just need to figure out our field of expertise.

At the very beginning, we can't really know what are we so good at. Because we still don't have much development experience at the start. And then we go on and starting to find out our 'go-to' tools and languages. That's where the real fun begins.

Think about it. Generally, some areas in development are -

  • Nice UI design
  • UI implementation with HTML and readable, maintainable CSS
  • JavaScript or some other programming languages
  • Readable and well organized codes
  • Project management skills (no big deal here, just a skill that can handle a project from the very start to the finally finished state)

What is the best one from above list you can say that you're very good at?

As for me, I can always confidently say I am very good at UI Design and CSS. Yes, I strongly believe because I've already spend much much time of my life studying and experimenting with them. :D

And my another expertise is 'explaining difficult concepts to other people'.

So, what about you? Thinking well about this will help you figure out the way to an 'above-average' and self-satisfied developer, better than before.

Hope you feel better in your web development journey.

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